Traditional headbands simply aren’t good enough.
Even if those elastic towel cut-outs have won more Wimbledons than you can shake your stick at,
surely there has to be a better way?
It’s time to run through the advantages of Hey-Ho Headbands…


They may look cool, but  “retro” headbands take to moisture like a sponge. They soak it up and keep it there, leaving you to run around with a wet cloth on your forehead. Serious sports performance requires something else.
Today we’ve come a long way from the days when cotton was the norm for sportswear. All Hey-Ho headbands are made of wicking materials like polyester (yes, even our soft crushed velvet headbands) that will transport moisture away from your skin. There is simply no better choice when it comes to keeping you dry and focused even in the heat of the game.


Most headbands are still a cause for headaches in so many ways. Putting them on is one. Just look at the trouble a slightly famous Spanish guy is going through. Yes, those are seconds ticking by. Then imagine what he would have to go through if a lock of hair was to break loose mid-match. To untie the knot, and put it back on again…we’re talking serious time violation here


To us the biggest problem was the knot. It’s a hassle getting it right when you put it on. Even removing it after training is a drag since it inevitably means pulling out hair that’s got stuck in the knot. And let’s not even talk about adjusting the knot to put escaped locks in place. Or on second thoughts, let’t talk about that. Because now we’re really getting into the heart of the matter. What if we didn’t have to untie a sweaty knot? What if we could just shrink our heads temporarily, fix the hair, and then return the skull to normal size to fit the knotty headband? Or some other solution.
Like doing away with the knot altogether.


Hey-Ho Headbands were created to be knot-free. So instead of tying them in the back of your neck, you create a loop, and pull one end through an eyelet until it’s as tight as you want it to be. That’s all. The laws of physics (and the ingenious design) takes care of the rest.

Your headband will fit as tight as you pull it and stay there. But if you feel it’s too tight just loosen it a bit. And if you need to fix stray hairs it’s easily done. 
If you want to tuck the end of your headband in it’s up to you. But it’s really just a vanity move, the headband will stay in place once you pull it through the eyelet.
Sounds easy? It is. Why would you have it any other way?