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Dear friend,
The holiday season is upon us, and this year we’re finally able to treat you to something we are immensely proud of: A Hey-Ho headband.

Despite the great looks and the unique design, you have probably never heard of us before. Which is fair, since we didn’t really come into our own until the start of 2022. But now you have a Hey-Ho headband of your own to try out. We hope you’ll enjoy the experience, and  we have a lot more designs to share with you. But let’s leave that for later. For now we’ve just gathered some quick snippets about Hey-Ho Headbands on this page. Feel free to look around the site for more. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information.

Happy holidays,
Hey-Ho Headbands

It's a headband. How different can it be?

Well, we think it makes a bigger difference than you might think. If you’re a headband user and you’ve been through the hassle of getting the knot right, had to untie it mid-match or just balked at how dull the selection of tennis accessories is, we think you’ll see the point. Easy to put on. Easy to adjust. And it looks cooler than anything else out there.

Hey-Ho headbands don't require a knot to stay in place. Instead you make a loop, tighten it and go play!

what's the secret?

In one word: Friction. As you pull the headband tight you’re also pulling more fabric into the eyelet. A genious way of also making it easy to adjust the headband along the way. Just loosen it a little, fix those locks and pull it tight again!

Made by Latvian artisans

100% sweatshop-free

designed in sweden

Want in on the action?

Here’s your chance to offer something truly unique to your customers. Hey-Ho headbands does not only match the competition when it comes to performance. The designs and the unique construction makes for a perfect gift. And to reward early adopters, we promise you exclusivity in your city. No other store will be able to offer the cool new Hey-Ho headbands during the launch phase.

  • We can offer flexible packages, with frequent deliveries of new designs that bring action to your store.
  • Generous return deals.
  • Packaging made for hanging on spears, or in our desk stand.
  • And last but not least: a Hey-Ho headband is just as great for other racquet sports, as it is for tennis!

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!